Understanding Your Villain

It's been 2 1/2 weeks since I quit my corporate job. I used to manage all the logistics for the board and committee meetings, annual shareholder meetings, retreats, and department meetings, team offsites, morale events, etc. Now, I spend my days alone. The biggest event to plan for these days is dinner. There are no meetings to attend, unless I want to grumble to the washer and dryer as I do laundry. There is no paycheck to look forward to so I get excited when I get a nickle in the mail thanking me for my donation to the red cross or vets. There are no perks or benefits to take advantage of either. As a matter of fact, the life that I've known the past 20+ years has been turned upside down and hardly recognizable. I barely look presentable most days. My standard uniform are sweat pants, an old company shirt, no makeup, and a ponytail. It would seem that Time is my villain. Too much of it and I get off course on the goals of the day. Too little of it and I feel I didn't get enough done.

Today I went through module three of the WriteFictionBooks.com series. The topic was "Understanding Your Villain". My first project that I will be working on as an emerging author is about the Vietnamese refugees after the fall of Saigon. I know who my protagonist is...or at least I think I do, as I have yet to interview my main character to determine if she is the right one for the job, but who will be my villain? Will he or she be the schemer, the fanatic, the social reject? Or will my villain not be a human at all but rather, the sea, the war, or the regime? 

A swirl of ideas began to congregate in my mind and the thoughts got louder and louder, each vying for attention and an ounce of respect. I tried to filter out the noise. It was like a swarm of bees buzzing inside, and the only thing that eclipsed the sound, was not a thought, but a vision. It was clear. I needed a big ass whiteboard in the office to outline my thoughts and visually come to a decision!

Now, time for a celebratory beer!