Discovering Genres

Day two as an emerging author and I found myself waking up sore and achy all over. The culprit? Yesterday's reflective three mile hike through the city of Renton, up Mill Avenue and through Beacon Avenue South!  After waving a loving goodbye to my husband and son as they plodded off to work and school, I found myself free. Should I eat and then brush my teeth, or brush my teeth and then eat? Should I make myself coffee and skip breakfast or dive straight into a good workout? These are the lame questions one asks oneself when one has all the freedom in the world and not a clue what to do with it!

I stood at the doorway for a few minutes staring at the door with it's annoying peeling paint and solid wood frame. Thoughts of my neighbor invaded my mind as I cringed at the thought of him playing his drums in the storage shed. Two days in a row I was annoyed with his untimely banging. I allowed myself to get all spun up as thoughts of foul words crept out of my mouth to describe his musically challenged anthem to Crepitus, god of flatulence, for his drumming was the sound of amplified farts. This of course, prompted me to skip the coffee, breakfast and teeth cleaning as I headed straight to the garage to put on my boxing gloves. Every punch was an assault on the drums as I envisioned smashing the shed and it's contents. Take that drummer boy! Forty five minutes later, I almost felt like baking cookies and bringing them over next door!

So I settled in to go through the first module of writing fiction. I discovered there were so many genres and cross genres. There is even a name for a genre of writing that doesn't neatly fit into any genres - speculative fiction! We all know about common genres like thriller, mystery, romance and historical fiction, but what about splatterpunk, steampunk, slipstream, dystopian and lovecraftian? I won't describe them here in my blog. I learned something new today and so should you! Go on now, go Bing or Google it! Whatever search engine or browser you use, I'm sure Wikipedia will help you!