Day One as an Emerging Author

Today is my official day of learning what it takes to become an author. I spent the morning taking in the city as I walked three miles from downtown Renton to my home after dropping my car off at the auto body shop. The owner, Tony, an Asian man who seemed very dedicated to customer service and Buddha, as evidenced by the incense burning above his many customer accolades that were pinned to the wall, was shocked that I preferred to stroll home rather than accept his offer for a ride. 

As the tiny raindrops fell down during my meandering trek, they caressed my head and renewed my excitement to write my first book. I felt exhilarated as my mind wandered with ideas about the story line and my heroine. It brought me to thoughts of my beautiful mom and I began to feel some void as my mind began to de-clutter and compartmentalize everything I should do, must do, and never do!

I was eager to get home and start my first writing module, so that I could achieve the following:

→ Define why Adult Fiction is appealing to its readers.
→ Relate your own fears and use them in your writing. 
→ Review titles and understand why they’re successful. 
→ Discover specific adult fiction genres. 
→ Identify different forms of fiction 

Sadly, the website was down so instead, I began reading a book that my friend Lisa gave me yesterday. It's called "The Lotus and the Storm" by Vietnamese author Lan Cao. I'm excited to dive into the world of historical fiction!