"There is no greater disappointment than to exist without impact. Be the catalyst for change."

- Amy M. Le

My Story

In 1979, my mother decided to flee Vietnam after the fall of Saigon. With a five year old daughter and a sixteen year old nephew in tow, she embarked on a treacherous escape into the unknown of the South China Sea. 

We were one of the lucky ones. We were one of the boat people. Refugees. Nearly forty years after coming to America and over twenty years of working for large corporations,  I decided to pursue my writing career. 

In the corporate world, I had been a recruiter, an executive assistant, and a specialist managing executive board of directors services. In my personal life, I took care of my family and our pets. My biggest hero was my mom, who passed away in February 2017 from lung cancer. My biggest cheerleader is my husband, who never sees any fault in my approach to life. And my biggest success is my larger-than-life son, for whom I wake up for every day.

Being an only child, raised by a single parent, and getting uprooted every so often, resulted in me being a social introvert. My comfortable space is when I am alone, but I enjoy being surrounded by close friends and family. Writing in my diary or crafting poems were my outlets growing up. It wasn't until I was thirty years old, that I decided Life was no longer going to happen to me. I, was going to happen to Life. It was time to be the catalyst for change. There is no greater disappointment than to exist without impact.. When I became an executive assistant for an officer at Microsoft Corporation, I learned to let go of the insecurities. Shyness and fear gave way to grit and tenacity. My mother did not fight for our freedom just so that I could waste my life being meek in the shadows.

Every day is an opportunity. Rewards are for the risk takers. It took a long time to overcome some of my personal struggles in life. Now, I choose to follow my dreams and have conviction with purpose. I hope you, too, can find that path that leads you to your voice, your dreams, your convictions, and your purpose. God bless.